McCallum Heat Pumps was formed in 2007. McCallum brings the latest generation heat pump technology to new fields.

heat-pump-installationBy replacing your boiler with a Husky Air Source Heat Pump, you can make significant savings on your home heating and hot water bills.

Oil and gas prices continue to rise whilst global demand increases, making it cost-effective to replace your system now.

Why pay thousands for your home heating (per annum) when you could be paying just hundreds!!

So what is an air source heat pump? To keep the explanation simple, air-source heat pumps are electrically driven and utilize the energy in the air around us, converting the energy into hot water for radiators, underfloor heating, and tanks for showers/baths, etc.

Even at very low temperatures, there is enough energy in the air to make an air source heat pump far more efficient than the most efficient gas boilers. For example, Heat Pumps are a market-leading 415% efficient (gas boilers max 85% efficient when used in actual conditions) with an outside temperature of 6/7˚c. This means for every 1KW of energy you use, you get 4.15KW in heat! The result is much lower bills for your home!

heat-pump-contractorProven for several years in light industrial applications, New Generation heat pumps are now able to produce temperatures of over 85 degrees Celsius, with proven ability up to 100 degrees. Older systems have been limited to temperatures not much greater than 60 degrees Celsius, for similar Coefficients of Performance (COP).

This is clean, environmentally friendly technology taken to the next level. Whether domestic space heating, domestic hot water, heat recovery in commerce and industry, or horticulture, the future is clear.

McCallum is committed to innovation. Its products are a result of our core values: integrity, excellence of engineering design, sound application of thermodynamics, and reliability.

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Air to Water Heat Pumps utilizes existing pipes and radiators, enabling the installation to be completed within just two days. Air Source Heat Pumps are the ideal solution for areas off the Gas Grid. We even show significant savings against the most efficient Gas Boilers (at current Gas & Electricity rates). Add your expected savings to the imminent Renewable Heat Incentive and you will see why Heat Pump Installations are expected to grow ten-fold over the next eight years.