Installing a Heat Pump In Your Home

Installing a heat pump in your home:

It is straightforward installing an Air Source Heat Pump, We simply need an external area to site the heat pump and a suitable place inside your home to place our Twin tank (buffer and domestic water). Your old boiler will not be needed when our installation is complete. The installation will take no longer than 2 days. We send a team of 2 engineers qualified in Heat Pump installation, G3 Unvented and Part P 17th Edition for installation and commissioning.

As you can see in the illustration above, the heat pump provides heating to radiators, underfloor and convector coils. It also provides all the hot water requirements for baths and showers etc. Our heat pumps can even cool in the summer and provide you with hot water at the same time (provided you have fanned convector coils installed).

Installation procedure:

1) Firstly we provide a free survey to ascertain the heat load requirements of your property. We measure the footprint of your property, taking into consideration your insulation values etc, we calculate your heat load. We then discuss the potential sites for your heat pump and tank and the work involved for installation.

2) We will provide a detailed report on your property. This will include the heat load, energy expenditure and costs for installation amongst other documents required by the Microgeneration Scheme.

3) You decide whether you want to proceed and in doing so, we will provide an installation contract and an agreed installation date.

4) We complete the installation and commissioning of the heat pump.

5) You begin to benefit from the savings achieved from installing a heat pump and receive your RHI payments from Ofgem* (we will show you how).

It’s as simple as that. There is very little upheaval and disruption when installing a heat pump. You will be surprised at how easy the procedure is.

* when introduced in October 2012.

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