Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Heat Pump


Type of Heat Pump

There are several kinds of heat pumps that can be purchased.

heat-pump-maintenanceEach has its own advantage and it is important to consider which one will suit your home and location best before installing it.

The first type of heat pump is the air-to-air pump. This heat pump relies on heat transfer to/from the air around the house.

However, this heat pump does not work well in very cold areas.

The second type is a water-based heat pump which definitely requires water to work.

The last is ground-source heat pumps.

Both water and ground pumps will be installed under the ground.

It is somehow more efficient than an air-to-air heat pump, and that is why it is a good investment.

The Advantage of Heat Pumps

After knowing the type, it is necessary to know several things that make heat pumps worthy. First of all, it obviously can adjust the temperature within the building accordingly. That means it is possible to get a comfortable feeling even though the outside is not so friendly for human skin. The electric pump works automatically, but it still can be controlled through push-in buttons. During any season, this device is always ready to help the person inside the building to get the most comfortable feeling ever. This way, it is actually a worthy pick for utility at home.

Additionally, this device is somewhat better than common heating and cooling devices alone because the process it takes to create a convenient temperature does not require tremendous energy. That means the homeowner can save money for bills significantly after installing this device. This kind of efficiency comes from the way it works. By only transporting heat – not making heat – this device does not require too much energy to work. Another advantage is that this device can spread its service throughout the house equally. Therefore, there is no need to gather in one spot to seek warmth or a cool environment. It definitely makes the house an extremely comfortable place to stay in.

Heat Pump Prices

After knowing some of the benefits, now you may consider purchasing this great device. When it comes to purchasing decisions, the price becomes one important element. Roughly, the average heat pump prices are around $4,000.

However, the actual price will vary greatly depending on the model specification including additional features, the model, and obviously the type of heat pumps.

The air-to-air heat pumps, for instance, are considerably cheaper than their water or ground counterparts. One main reason behind that is its efficiency and durability. Another thing that contributes to a price change is the size of the building to which the pump is installed.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Heat Pump

It is obviously necessary to consider the price before purchasing a heat pump. However, there are still some other things to consider when choosing the best heat pump. The first and the most important aspect is obviously the ability of the pump.

heat-pump-installationThe ability is measured by SEER and HSFP ratings. SEER is basically an efficiency level that results from energy used to transfer heat from one place to another. The higher the score, the better the efficiency of the pump will be. The ideal score for this pump compared to the available price is around 14 and 18.

Another rating that is actually more complicated in determining the quality of the heat pumps is HSFP. The measurement takes several other things into account such as the additional energy required for transferring heat.

The next thing to consider is all about the size. Size does matter because it affects greatly the price of purchasing a single unit of the heat pump. For a small house, it is usually measured at 1 – 5 tons of heat pump capacity. The measurement somehow cannot be performed except with the help of a professional.

That’s why it is necessary to get advice before purchasing and installing the heat pump while getting information from another source for reliable decisions.